Now, with the rise around the world 5d cinema equipment began off a 5D movie hot, as is the lack of an emerging industry and technical personnel, technical and other reasons is not in place, resulting in a problem 5D cinema equipment can not be solved in time.

How to solve this situation it! We start from the daily dribs and drabs, the daily maintenance is about, how to do routine maintenance it! The following detailed explanation.

Hydraulic oil Note dynamic seat 5D, the initial use must be replaced every three months hydraulic oil, later replaced once a year; fuel tank capacity of 50L, 45L can about each refueling. This ensures that no precipitation does not affect the normal operation of the machine. Screw is a small thing, is often the little things that can cause big problems, every day should be taking the time to check for loose screws, each junction with fastening screws tightened with a wrench in a timely manner. Lubricants once, you can reduce mechanical damage and abnormal sound dynamic seat on each movement with the Department each month.

5d cinema equipment hydraulic fittings for loose or leaking, loose or leaking, please use the wrench to tighten, good day 5D cinema equipment these details to ensure the normal operation of the machine, but also to provide a guarantee for their income!

5D Cinema Equipment