From 3D cinema to 7D interactive theater, the rapid evolution of technology, Than the previous technology, 7D interactive theater full use of the real effects, full-motion, full emulation, all-digital high-definition three-dimensional technology. 7D interactive theater to visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, dynamic and interactive perfect blend, the gaming entertainment, 3D stereoscopic video technology and dynamic theater unique combination of technology, as the story changes, simulated lightning, wind, frost, rain and snow special effects, explosions shock, really have immersive feel.

When the movie is no longer just a simple watch, but picked up the interactive props, and fully integrated into the movie to go. Combination of entertainment and movie plot and the movie strong sense of participation, have made more and more popular 7D interactive movie. In China, the entertainment consuming countries, 7D interactive movie truly successful entertainment project should have four, that is to enjoy nature, adventure, risk taking and confrontational, definitely meet a variety of leisure and entertainment needs of people, a new generation of high-Technology and entertainment equipment.

7D interactive theater called “play movie”, the audience can almost feel the ultimate sense of participation and interactivity, the film also gives the audience a different variety of fresh feel. As people 7D deeper understanding of interactive theater, this new viewing mode, will lead the new wave of entertainment consumption.


7D Interactive Theater