Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Racing Car Simulator

What is Zhuoyuan VR Racing Car Simulator?

Zhuoyuan VR Racing Car Simulator is  highly interesting, innovative, stimulating, shocking, entertaining, popular science, can achieve a lot, and quickly attract customers eyeballs, super senior entertainment effect. The high-quality steel and fiberglass shell assembled, is fixed to one location, immovable. Professional car accessories and audio system, accurately restore the vehicle impact, falling, acceleration instantaneous speed of gravity, a sense of undulating pavement. The driver will get an unprecedented unique experience.

Why Choose Zhuoyuan VR Racing Car Simulator?

1.A car to run in sky, land and sea, competition in limitless space

2.High simulation of driving system, networking competition, speed racing

3.great piece of VR racing games made by elites from China mainland and overseas

4.Original creation of speed reflection on back, provide more realistic experience.

Details for Zhuoyuan VR Racing Car Simulator
Item Value
Voltage AC220
Weight 550kg
Measured power 0.7kw
External Size 2000*1850*1600mm
Number of seats  1
Number of  games 4+1
 helmet E3

Profit Mode For Zhuoyuan VR Racing Car Simulator

VR Racing Car Simulator In Comprehensive Experience Center

Zhuoyuan VR Racing Car Simulator In Exhibition

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