What is 720 Degree Flight Simulator?

720°Flight simulator,as company’s own R & D product which employ various types of hardware and software, depending on the modeling detail and realism that is required for the role in which they are to be employed. It is consist of computer,LED,professional flight simulation rocker and Motion Controller,SERVO MOTOR,mechanical transmission and Mechanical drive cockpit.Designs range from PC laptop-based models of aircraft systems,to highly realistic simulations of the cockpit, flight controls and aircraft systems, no need training from player, just for playing and try to feel the realistic flight though the simulator control.Player can get the feeling of adventurous and exciting though the moving,driving control,Audio Video of the simulator. There are variety of games in the flight simulator system.And it not only apply to fairground and park,but also corporate image display,such as tourist attractions,club,star hotels,KTV,movie theater,etc.To let the display more headline-grabbing.

Following is the details for Flight simulator

1. Power:

Voltage: AC 220V
Total Power: 5.5KW

2. Size

Length: 2090mm
Width: 2060mm
Height: 1900mm
Screen: 50inch

3. Rotating degree:

Front and back degree: 360°
Left and right degree: 360°

4. Rotating Speed:

Front and back rotating speed: 45.00°/s
Left and right rotating speed: 90.00°/s

5. Weight:

Net Weight: 550kg
Loading Weight: 189kg (389kg-200kg)

F1 Flight simulator games
360 Degree Flight Simulator

Why choose us?

The game in system with a particularly clear picture and audio like cordillera,Gulf and town and so on.plus the moving and realism feeling, have been held a sweeping market.Any way,we are Zhuoyuan Group,we can guarantee our client’s profit and provide perfect After-sales Service.Contact us and cooperate with us,let’s create a entirely new market and get win-win cooperation.

1. 14 years manufacturing experience, the top three Brand in dynamic simulation industry.
2. Clients from more than 120 countries.
3. Almighty and a perfect master program.
4. professional team to provide you professional technical support.
5. 24 hours professional sales team work for you.
6. All of our products have passed CE certification.
7. Our technicians can go to different countries to help customers solve problems.

After sale service

1.Dispatching our technician to your location to complete the installation and teach you daily maintenance.
2.No damage to human factors, one year warranty, life-long maintenance.
3.Lifetime free software upgrade.


Q: Can I use for my house ?

A: Only support for commercial use and doesn’t support home use. such as Shopping mall,amusement park,airport,club,theater, scenic spots,Theme park,around the school ect.

If you want know more about 720 Degree Flight Simulator. Leave you  message, we will contact you as soon!

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