FuninVR’s VR Racing Moto VR Motorbike Simulator

What is FuninVR’S VR Racing Moto?

Top speed motorcycle riding is an extreme sport we can never refuse. The roaring engine and fast spinning wheels infill your body passion and fury. Put on the VR headset and sit on it, this VR motor will instantly transport you to many attention-focused motor racing scenes where you can accelerate the motorbike to the top speed. Go faster and outrun other motorcyclists to cross the finish line first, you are the moto champion!

Why Choose FuninVR’S VR Racing Moto?


1.Multiplayer online racing competition with various game scenes.


2.Customized with exciting motor racing content with high playability.

3.Designed with multi DOF dynamic platform for vivid motor maneuvers mimic.

4.Comes with environment special effects including wind-blowing, hip vibration & stereo sound.

Details for FuninVR’S VR Racing Moto
Item Value
Voltage AC220
Weight  700w
Measured power 3.5kw
External Size 2200*600 mm
Number of players 1
Number of  games 3
 helmet E3

Profit Mode For FuninVR’S VR Racing Moto VR Motorbike Simulator

VR Racing Moto In Comprehensive Experience Center

FuninVR’S VR Racing Moto In Exhibition

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