FuninVR’s VR Mecha Simulator

What is FuninVR‘s VR Mecha Simulator?

Manipulated by some kind of unknown dark power, a Macha invented by scientists betrays entire human race and attempts to destroy the planet earth. Under the heavy enemy’s attacks, the whole world is in the brink of extinction. Go put on the VR headset and pilot the justice Mecha to fight back.

Why Choose FuninVR‘s VR Mecha Simulator?

1.Exclusive Design with 360°dynamic motions.

2.Online multiplayer PK.

3.Accurate & Smooth Game Control.

4.Customized Game Content Update.

Details for FuninVR‘s VR Mecha Simulator?
Item Value
Voltage AC220
Measured power 700w
External Size 1610*1940 *1780mm
Number of players 1
Number of  games2 2
 helmet E3

Profit Mode For FuninVR‘s VR Mecha Simulator?

FuninVR‘s VR Mecha Simulator In Exhibition

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