How to choose the 5D Cinema and 7D Cinema

1,7D relative theater to 5D cinema, is undoubtedly a technological upgrade. However, technological upgrading can be transformed into profitable business, but also consider the actual situation in the theater business. 7D highly interactive theater, is more suitable for people with active manipulation of desire, such as young people aged around 20. The shooter, again dominated the male population. So, 7D theater better suited to groups of young men dominated district, site selection is more suitable for gaming city, playground, pool hall, gym, near the Coliseum and other young men as the main consumer groups place.

2,5D theater more entertaining, more widely in the customer base, except for young men and women, but also very suitable for the whole family to watch parents and children, and rich sources, to better meet the needs of different consumer groups. Parenting classes for parents to pay the consumer, once the device characterized as parents shooter Causing loss of lives, regular produce resentment, this is also in the business activities to be considered. In the actual course of business, there is no shortage of children looked after another cried watching another and to non-horror film both fear and look at young women, so 5D cinema broader user groups, more suitable for shopping malls, scenic, pedestrian street, theater, snack street users gender, age distinction is not the place.

Last Tip: Select 5D or 7D cinema theater, not only to the investment costs, equipment technical considerations, but also consider the class, the type of which the district’s target customers and other factors. The latter effect is good or bad decision to run the key.

7D Cinema