5D Cinema Use Seat Effects And Environmental Effects, 5D cinema with ultra realistic visual experience with special effects, irritation of the synchronization performance, the simulation scene and the special organization set up to imitate the actual events in stereo images produced vivid, lifelike and at the same time, as the story changes, simulated lightning, wind rain and snow, explosion and other special effects. 5D cinema for the audience into the movie scene and the plot hyper realistic unconsciously, the audience understand the movie hero’s thought and behavior, so as to realize the real “through” feeling! Let the audience see the wonders of the film, feel the real dream world.

5D cinema will break the traditional theater faced embarrassment, to the traditional development mode brings to the cinema reference and reference mode, so as to arouse people to sensory stimulation, to let people re entered the cinema, enjoy the different senses. Using a three degree of freedom seat, the other a six degree of freedom platform as the audience, viewers can follow the change of content of movie and TV, real time to feel the thunder, lightning, rain, bubble, impact, spray water, pat legs corresponding with the stereo image of the events. 5D cinema as a strong technical strength, super low joining threshold, broad market prospect has attracted the size agents of love.

Cinema 5D contains all the features of 4D cinema, using seat effects and environmental effects, with ultra realistic visual experience with special effects, stimulating the synchronous performance. 5D cinema will be in the future information technology, digital content, new business, new applications, new products, new services as the theme, the public can through interactive experience intuitively and vividly the first experience of the wisdom of the city. The 5D theater will vision, hearing, smell, touch and dynamic blend together, then add the interactive games, and make full use of the interactive props, so that the audience participation and threw himself into the plot, experience illusory simulation, thrilling adventure travel.
5d cinema effect