The new century, only new products to meet the needs of the market, 5D cinema adhere to technological innovation, pay attention to the audience experience, not only has a comfortable seat, 6 degree of freedom control, 12 directions, 36 combinations, 72 movements.

Three-dimensional film I believe that everyone has seen, that kind of stereoscopic beauty, let you enjoy unlimited wonderful. 5D cinema is based on 5D movies and environmental effects, simulation and model of film and television products, through to the audience with physical film content linkage stimulation, to enhance the audience the true experience effect. When the audience to watch the movie theater in 5D, change the content of movie and TV, can feel the storm, lightning, rain, impact, spray water, pat legs around the place corresponding to the stereo image events, create a consistent environment and video content. 5D cinema to assort or arrange in pairs or groups shock sound effects to people watch movies like immersive, mood as the plot ups and downs. Swing according to the movie plot is controlled by the computer make fall, rise, vibration, air spray, spray, sweep the leg special action.

At present, the largest trade barriers encountered homogeneity is the current domestic cinema development in competition mode, the layout of the environment the same picture, the same, the theater can not get out of this business cycle, seems to have become many insiders default facts, but in the 5D investment advisory expert eyes, 5D cinema with low cost and small input feature of 5D cinema, out of a difference of rich industrial characteristic road, as the rise of emerging cinema, paved a way. 5D compared with 3D film, 5D film can make every audience to participate in the film. 5D cinema to fill the huge gap in the market, has solved the contradiction between consumption capacity and consumption demand.

5D cinema lets you have the unprecedented stimulus, it uses the seat effects and environmental effects, with ultra realistic visual experience with special effects, irritation of the synchronization performance, the simulation scene and the special organization set up to mimic the real events. 5D cinema let you have a strong visual impact, with the development of virtual reality platform with independent property rights as the core, an international advanced hardware and software technology, constantly optimize the virtual digital platform series products, which won the customer’s favorite at a higher price.

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