5D seat manufacture basic functions

5D seat includes all of the features common 4D seat, to achieve precise control of six degrees of freedom, low noise, long life and low power consumption, the product, energy saving, high reliability, high cost, so to demand by businesses favor. Six degrees of freedom motion platform is composed of six cylinders, the upper and lower each six universal hinge and on the composition of the next two platforms, fixed on the basis of the next platform, with the six cylinder telescopic movement, complete platform in space six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α, β, γ) of the movement, which can simulate a variety of spatial motion posture.

5D seat of course also be installed individually or in combination by a number of a unit installed, so that the effects seat power system optimized configuration. System uses optical isolation and enable internal watchdog and rigorous high frequency filtering characteristics, so that the system is reliable, no crashes phenomenon; are highly reliable industrial-grade single-chip controller; seat color is usually black or red, but according to design requirements specified color.

5D Cinema 5D Seat Manufacture Basic Functions