5D cinema shock is estimated that many people have seen, he was not a simple three-dimensional image, he lets you in-depth its territory, with feelings of the film changes. 5D that a good movie needs to support those devices, in order to create such a shock effect that?

1. for a movie theater, you want to have a good experience, we must first have excellent quality of the screen, the screen will give the audience a good time playing in the movie brings a different experience, our 5D screen is specially made curved screen on playback HD movies, will produce more refined picture effect.
2. you want to Build a 5D cinema screen is not enough, but also a special effects device that can simulate playing movies in theaters in the use of special effects in the movie production equipment according to the environment of the real scene (eg: rain, snow, wind, etc.), to improve the film is really feeling.
3. the application environment is not able to bring the audience into the movie, this time we also need dynamic seat, adding dynamic seat to follow the movie scene simulation vibration, leg sweep out some of the action, together with the environmental effects of production equipment simulation, immersive experience can make our environment a movie.
4. we object to the movie in the same environment, you can not do without stereoscopic glasses, put together with the characteristic three-dimensional glasses, sporty seats and powerful screen, then we can do a part of the movie .

Everything is ready, the film began, grand scenes, thrilling visual experience, immersive feel like this is our 5D movie. Equipped with our special 5D cinema equipment, can really do 5D theater, the real tour game.

5D Cinema

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan machinery Co., Ltd designs and manufactures the full set 5D cinema equipment with the outside cabin and mobile truck. We have specialize in this line for more than 14 years and devotes ourselves to the research, development, manufacturing and sales of Dynamic Simulant Platforms, motion chairs, and full set of 5D /6D/7D/9D/10D/11D /XD cinema Systems.