Hydraulic 5D dynamic seat:
Using all the features of advanced hydraulic control technology, including ordinary 5D seat to achieve precise control of six degrees of freedom, long product life, high reliability, high cost. Overcome noisy pneumatic seat and energy issues, solve the instability problems and maintenance inconvenient power seat, make theater more energy saving, more suitable for long-term stability of customers use.
6-DOF dynamic seat 5D Conceptual Analysis:
6 DOF motion platform is a six cylinder, on each six universal hinge and on the composition of the next two platforms, fixed on the basis of the next platform, with six electric cylinder telescopic movement, completed on the platform in space six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z,,,) of the movement, which can simulate a variety of spatial motion posture.
5D dynamic seat features:
5D dynamic theater seats in appearance is a very comfortable 5D cinema chair, specially designed and fixed-point processing, which in addition to traditional single degree of freedom 5D former seat, back, left, right, up, down motion effects, but also increased the number of position seat sports such as: front left tilt, tilt the left, rear right tilt azimuth movement, freedom of six degrees of freedom than 3 more seats at least eight directions , reaching more than 20 seats in the direction of movement characteristics. And as the power source for hydraulic and pneumatic power than electric power is much greater, can withstand up to 12 people. Completely solve the problem of oil pollution of hydraulic power.

5d 7d cinema

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