Problem: The industry is now a popular 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 9D Truck Mobile Cinema theater what is? I want to invest in this hot, I ask which one to choose?
(1) In general terms:
5D is a dynamic seat + effects + stereoscopic film synchronous playback, the Goddess of Mercy create immersive experience;
5D 7D is based on increasing the role of the audience to interact with the movie, the gun can exorcise demons through interaction with the enemy combat, shooting and other exciting war games;
9D is the basis of the 5D, the audience can be real driving wheel or flight stick, and truly become the protagonist of the movie or game, to achieve a more shocking than the 7D, real, exciting driving experience, the entire seat can rotate 360 degrees, and more angle of action, realistic simulation of real full-speed driving, flying air combat.
(2) From the technical point of view:
5D dynamic theater industry has three drivers: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. From the combination of actions in terms of movement: of 3 degrees of freedom, six degrees of freedom, which then in accordance with whether the electronic device, which is divided into two kinds of high and low. Motion effects with electronic foot finer, softer, accurate synchronization. The audience is most comfortable viewing experience, there is the fundamental guarantee for continuing operations theater.
Saving angle: comparison of pneumatic and electrical energy-saving; hydraulic relatively environmentally friendly enough, but for a single platform in terms of the overall footprint is smaller than a pneumatic device. The most electric energy saving, environmental protection.
Price: For small theater in terms of a single platform, pneumatic platform lowest price; hydraulic price almost. Electric highest.
Action Effect: electric high speed, accurate, precise, smooth motion control and mechanical structure is simple, maintenance-free, ultra-quiet with the best viewing experience, but also the most realistic simulation of various kinds of sports video content. Followed by pneumatic, hydraulic motion effects compared with pneumatic, pneumatic mildness little better.
A single platform for small theater, a common configuration is relatively simple: 6, 8, 9 hydraulic platform. Advantages: Low comprehensive cost, less ancillary equipment, small footprint.
If you want to build more than one group of seats 12 (ie, a large theater) constitute a large 5D cinema, the most cost-effective pneumatic platform. Followed by hydraulic, electric cost is relatively high.

 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 9D Truck Mobile Cinema