What kind of feeling and cognition With 9dVR chair? I think that VR is completely subversive compared to the past visual experience. For example, You can see the sky and look down at the ground. In the past, The larger screen is only a limited range,And the visual experience of VR is Subversive. VR realizes the interaction,Not only can see,But also Join in, feel with the first perspective, This is the biggest difference.

  Type     9D VR Chair
  Product Name     VR Egg Chairs Simulator
  Voltage     AC220V
  Power     2.5KW
  Electric servo                      system     Electric crank (New generation)
  Product Size     1910*1160*1930mm

My shop was chosen at the multi-gold point of the mall, Near the entrance of the children’s playground and the elevator entrance.The novelty of VR equipment,The gold location , This is my positioning, Due of trust, Due of the good quality products ,I m purchase of dozens of VR equipment,9D VR Game Machine. VR Racing moto, Eagle Flight VR, 9d VR Chair , 2 sets VR Racing kart, The weekend flow is twice as common, So I think good products and good operations Mode, gold positioning! Can be my dream of getting rich

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