9D VR Theme park 9D Cinema Simulator Build In Hotel Yalta Intourist In Ukraine

In Ukraine Hotel Yalta Intouris is a Four-Star Resort Hotel. It has an outdoor tent park. The park is equipped with VR Racing Simulator, VR Moto, VR FPS Arena, Star Twin Seat VR, VR Mecha, Gatling VR Simulator. In addition many set VR equipments, The park also has 4D movie theaters and 7D movie theaters, Which enrich the playground experience.

11th Dec 2019, The VR park opened for business. On the day of the opening, So many People experienced that the citizens were full of interest in VR, and batch after batch of players were queuing up to experience it. The scene was very hot!

Experience in the VR paradise and follow the protagonist into a magnificent and atmospheric Virtual world. Here, It seems that all the incredible has become so reasonable. Some people are addicted to illusion, some are crazy for treasure, and some are insistent for belief…

Hotel Add: In Ukraine Hotel Yalta Intourist

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