COVID-19 has forced the China Import and Export Fair or Canton Fair online this year. But rather than being a negative, participants say it’s been a huge success. Lu Sirui has more on the event’s transition to digital.

This year’s online Canton Fair has attracted more than 25-thousand companies from across the world. Of all the highlights, live-streaming is adding depth and color as participants share and communicate digitally. Companies say guests to brick-and-mortar shops may be able to touch their products in person. BUT the online fair is doing away with geographical and time constraints.

So far, the fair has exhibited products from sixteen different categories across fifty display sections. Companies say the virtual exhibition allows them to present more products in greater detail.

LIANG XINGMEI Sales Manager, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech “We have prepared live-streaming in different languages, such as Spanish, English and Russian. Through the Canton Fair, we have fully demonstrated the advantages of our products, the scale of our factories, and our research and develop abilities. We’ve received more than a hundred inquiries from different countries.”

Officials say big data shows that household products are the most popular at this year’s event and companies embracing new technologies and innovative designs are garnering the most attention. Lu Sirui, CGTN, GUANGDONG PROVINCE.

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