24 Seats 5D Movie Theater project In China

The 24 Seats 5D Movie Theater project of China Suzhou Science and Technology Museum combines the review standards of Suzhou Science Popularization Base and is designed for children aged 3-12. It integrates children’s amusement and popular science education. In 2019, FuninVR created a natural phenomenon hall 5D cinema for popular science education projects, allowing children to learn about various natural phenomena that may occur in life during amusement, adding a 5D cinema project with fashion and technological elements. There are thousands of natural weather, wind, frost, rain and snow, earthquakes, typhoons, etc., through 5D technology to experience shocking natural phenomena, immersive science school.

An adventure to explore the magical world of 5D cinema. Cinemas with different themes can be customized according to different customers and business locations. Such as oceans, earthquakes and popular science-themed cinemas used in indoor playgrounds and amusement parks. The number of seats can be customized from 20-200 seats.

Based on 3D visual movies, 5D dynamic movies with 3D stereoscopic visual effects and more environmental special effects (such as wind, rain, thunder, lightning, fire, snow, smoke and bubbles, etc.), it is more immersive.


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