7D interactive movie on the basis of 4D special effects movie screen effects and 5D cinema seats, but also very creative design environment effects, so that the audience from hearing, sight, smell, touch and movement to achieve immersive five effect. What happens when the audience watching three-dimensional movies, vary with video content in real time to feel the storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist and other side with three-dimensional image corresponding event, will also shake the swing seat. Unlike 4D, 5D cinema, 7D interactive theater in his chair to join a dedicated and dynamic control of six degrees of freedom, 12 position, 36 combinations, 72 action, according to the show to make the plot fall, rise, swing , vibration, spray wind, water, and other movements leg sweep, also installed in the theater snow, rain, lightning, smoke and other special effects equipment, designed to create a consistent environment with video content, plus curtain ring theater using cylindrical projection screen, viewers around the center, full stereo with complementary movie plot, perfect fit, plus exclusive interactive feature that lets the audience into the movie, to participate in the exciting story to go.

7D interact while watching movies, fans can also ask questions to the protagonist of the movie, play games, make friends and achieve interaction. Movie in the rain, you will truly feel the rain fell on the body, the movie in windy, you can feel the wind rustle strong and cool touch body! Experience the real environment that will make you feel simply not in the cinema, but the film’s protagonist, you experience the real protagonist experienced everything.

Role in the movie with the audience interactive games, the audience has exposure to the film’s sense of mission and sense of accomplishment, but also in interactive sessions where there are scores of competition between the audience interactive games, which induces a considerable part of the audience have to repeat viewing impulse and desire the same movie, which is unique to 7d Interactive Cinema.


7d interactive cinema