1. The biggest advantage of the flow of the 7d Mobile Cinema is its mobility. It can go anywhere you want to go, whether it is a cell bustling city, parks, leisure square, commercial street, near the school, or the township market, so it’s a great market space.
2. do not need to hire employees, if it is fixed 7D movie franchise during business hours must hire employees. If it is a haunted house mobile 7d cinema you can always choose the time to rest, and eliminating the need for a labor costs.
3. With the popularization of science and technology, 7D movie is sure to eventually replace the current general plane of the film, so this is a trend. Now send the film to the countryside so that rural people do not have a movie theater to see the movie will certainly be sought 7D, the market prospects are very bright.
4. If you do not intend to personally open, you can also implement property control, and can monitor the vehicle through the car GPS satellite positioning. Greatly facilitate the investors to expand investment scale or cross a variety of business operations.
5. does not require establishments, and to cut the rent, deposit, transfer fees, property costs and renovation costs.
6. flow truck mobile 7d cinema because of its mobility, so it can save you the cost of advertising. Unlike some 7D cinema house, you need to word of mouth. 7D movie car body advertising propaganda to where they go on without a penny in advertising. mobile 7d cinema is generally included 2/4/6 seats.

truck mobile 7d cinema