This is an open interactive multiplayer 7d of the golden age of cinema, how can you miss this investment darling.

7D multiplayer interactive simulation wonderful theater experience for audiences around the world brought countless joy, carefully store decoration, to create a first-class high-end interactive theater entertainment club! For a time, 7D VOD detonated around young small hearts and entertainment partners little universe! and make hundreds of investors very profitable!

During the  holiday vacation of Christmas, is the most indispensable entertainment play‘s holiday, but back and forth just to eat, park, shopping, sing ktv, watching movies, and some will not uninterested up? Entertainment is filled with a human face, let  the consumers have become your stomach worms, to be successful, 7d movie is the moment of creative culture, the school will have it as science, business will have it as employee benefits, travel companies use it as entertainment, 7d movie popularity already you can not imagine.

7d cinema