Now we must say no stranger to theater 7D, 7D cinema equipment includes many aspects, such as interactive video 7D, 7D interactive gun, 7D game software, infrared positioning head, environmental effects equipment, 7D cinema seats and control systems and other special effects. Basically we care about is quoted, in fact, whether or 7D 7D cinema museum, quality is the first consideration, the second is the price.

Why do I say, a good product does not require maintenance, then the maintenance cost savings, do not underestimate the maintenance costs, over time, maintenance is a big amount. Some people say that is not so exaggerated, I need cheap, cheap is not good, the good stuff is not cheap, this sentence is not unreasonable. In fact, you are wrong, you may be due to funding problems, temporarily only buy cheap, but cash flow, such as when you come, you want to change more advanced, so do the original film equipment, would like to upgrade again to upgrade or not, throw away pity, do not throw it, and bad customer experience, influence the consumer experience, but affect the business.

For example, the market now has a hydraulic platform 7D cinema seat, pneumatic and electric platform platform, hydraulic platform is the most widely used and relatively inexpensive pneumatic platform. You say you will use pneumatic platform that cheap ah, but you do not know the pressure platform mostly a lot of noise, in order to reduce the noise might have to put too much of a cylinder, so it is not your area of 30 square theater so simple , and if consumers felt electric platform, then there is no noise, the sound is good, the audience to experience the effect of significantly better than in pneumatic, do you think consumers will come over?