For 5D cinema, a audio system bring us to a true environment, so to open a 5d theater, we must know which audio system is suitable to 5d cinema.

Let’s start with the most common fallacy about audio: good sound is good sound. Movies and music have very different requirements, so I recommend first acknowledging your preference for movies or music, and steer the system’s performance strengths one way or the other with the right mix of speakers and electronics.

How different is movie sound from music?

Let me count the ways: Today’s films boast nearly unlimited soft-to-loud dynamic range; dialog is mixed to the center channel; surround effects may be ambient or point-sourced; and deep-bass demands can be extreme. Just about every feature film released in the last 20 years has a multichannel soundtrack.

On the other hand, most music recordings are dynamically compressed, and deep-bass effects can be nonexistent. For home theater the subwoofer’s prime responsibility is supplying room-shaking low-frequency effects. For music the sub needs to deliver pitch-accurate, tightly controlled bass that’s perfectly integrated with your speakers. And while there are just a tiny number of new music recordings available in multichannel sound, stereo still rules in the music world.

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