Ukrainian customers always want to start his own business and looking for some projects to invest in. He have looked at lots of shopping plazas and found that there were many clothing and diet stores. If he open the same type stores in the shopping plaza, it will lack the core competitive ability. He thought there were few entertainment projects in shopping plaza, so he want to open a store about amusement devices. But he searched for a long time and couldn’t find any that really satisfied him until that one day he saw Zhuoyuan’s virtual reality simulator during he watching the news on TV. He had contacted us immediately.

In the experience hall, a 12 year old boy is experiencing a VR  E-space Walk game. “It’s very exciting. I want to play every day.”the boy who lives near the Olympic Park introduced. He came to Experience hall third time, “Before two times, Dad and I have come together, this one I like the best, it feel like really.”

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