virtual reality simulator

The Device has been received and the installation commissioning is completed. This cooperation is quite satisfactory. FuninVR is very strong brand. Their products are relatively complete, and all aspects of after-sales service are relatively perfect. And now. The venue has been successfully opened. Although it was very busy and tired , everything was It is worth it, the cooperation is very happy!

virtual reality simulator Tricet Price Player/time Runing time/min Hours per day Daily income Monthly income Annual income
US$4.00 6 10 8 US$1536 US$41080 US$552960
virtual reality simulator Worker/2 people Monthly Rent Water and Electicity / / Monthly Expenses Annual Expenditure
3000 1600 625 /  / US$5225.00 US$62,700.00
virtual reality simulator US$35855.00
virtual reality simulator US$430260.00

I m Wang lin living in Australia, I m planning to open a 200 square VR experience hall in a shopping mall in Australia. I traveled to Russia two months ago and met VR Racing karting & 4 Seats dark mars who experienced the virtual reality simulator IAAPA 2019 exhibition in Russia., after the experience and I m  very interested for the virtual reality simulator, so I left my contact information, after I back to Australia, I began to plan the layout of the venue, I m go back to China in 1st October, forgot to introduce, I m from Shanghai ,When I back my country,And then I arranged to visit Zhuoyuan factory. over 20,000㎡ modern standard production base ,and have over 30 different types of machines to match different needs on different venues , It is a big factory, the equipment is of high quality, and The virtual reality simulator is real as strong as the virtual , and the overall is very good!

If you want to know more about the vr simulator . Please leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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