Look, there were huge crowds in our client’s VR products experience pavilion though it was quite late at night.

Zhuoyuan VR products experience pavilion’s business was booming (2)
Before he bought the VR products experience pavilion, he had considered for a long time. Because he didn’t know which product he should bought and suit for his business. We had made a plan for him according to his local conditions and had cleared his mind of doubts.

In that plan, we had shown him our newest VR products business mode and suggested him to opened a diversified VR products experience pavilion. After he saw our plan and discussed with us, he placed an order immediately.

Now, his VR products experience pavilion has been opened. Since it opened in April, our client’s business is going very well. Especially the six seats 9d vr simulator and vibrating VR simulator, these two products always full of people.It let him earn a lot of money.

For appreciating your trust and support to our products, we will keep the good reputation and continue to create an abundant profit for you.

Zhuoyuan VR products experience pavilion’s business was booming (1)

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