VR Simulator Rope Amusement Park In Poland

FuninVR’s Polish customers put VR equipments in the rope amusement park as another entertainment project. Players who come to play in this way not only experience the fun of high-altitude ropes, but also experience the double excited feelings brought by high-tech VR.

“At first, I just wanted to make the most of this place to attract more tourists,” Polish customers said, “we stumbled upon FuninVR while browsing the web and thought their products were very interesting and high-tech, which is not only a good way to increase traffic method, and it allows me to earn extra profits.”

Polish customer purchased 3pcs 9D VR, 2pcs VR racing kart, eagle flight VR, VR battleship and 360 degrees VR simulator successively. Before they make deal with FuninVR, they visit FuninVR’s headquarters and factory, they thought the product and service provided by FuninVR is best, not only that, they also made an operation training, they learned many useful information from this training.

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