Congratulate! ! The 6th FuninVR VR business Operation training course successfully

Wish our clients have a prosperous business

Our target of this service is help all our clients making money from VR business.

Looking back three months ago

A group of people held a three-day internal training in Guangzhou

There are leaders in the VR industry in this group

There is a chain VR experience store owner in this group

Why they came from all over the country

What should the VR industry do

How to select the site, negotiate, project planning, target population,

Equipment matching, event planning, employee motivation, etc.

“A single piece of equipment attracts 9,000 RMB/day”

“County town VR earns 100,000 /month”

How did you do it behind this

First, Analyze the VR market, how to do it, and how to do it well

Second, how to grasp “old customers” and attract “new players” through efficient operation management, establishment of a membership system, and a systematic sales service

Third, how to operate a VR experience store? Introduce specific landing plans step by step

Fourth, how to choose a site, and in-depth analysis of all aspects that should be paid attention to when choosing a site.

The 6th Operation training session

The trainees learned a variety of operational knowledge &VR business

Finally, let us wish every trainees a brilliant achievement in the “full score answering paper”! We will meet again next time!

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