The China Attractions Expo (CAE), a significant event for the global amusement industry, concluded successfully in Beijing from March 20th to 22nd! Over 600 tourism service providers and amusement equipment manufacturers from around the world showcased their latest technologies, attracting more than 100,000 professional buyers from over 40 countries and regions.

The exhibition brought together investors, operators, suppliers, and industry elites, as well as experts and scholars from China’s leading theme parks, resorts, scenic spots, water parks, characteristic towns, and rural complexes, making it a comprehensive gathering with ideological, leading, and professional significance in the tourism industry.

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd., an important partner of CAAPA, presented our newest VR arcade machines at the expo, including Magic FPS Arena, VR Magic UFO, VR Hoverboard, VR Fighter Aircraft, 360°Double Flight VR and VR Drop Tower. Our booth attracted numerous visitors who eagerly experienced the latest virtual reality technology products!

Among them, Magic FPS Arena, VR Hoverboard, and 360°Double Flight VR are the latest products introduced by Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality in 2024.

Magic FPS Arena is a multiplayer VR amusement rides with a classic dark theme, enhanced by red and blue lighting, featuring an 86-inch ultra-large display and compatible with various game genres, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of fighting side by side with teammates!

VR Hoverboard, as a new form of virtual reality mobile interaction, allows players to control virtual characters’ movement, steering, and acceleration by balancing similar to controlling a hoverboard, satisfying players’ demands for high immersion and low dizziness in gaming, liberating their hands in virtual games. This product is popular among young people who love competition, embrace new things, and enjoy immersive gaming experiences with greater participation.

360°Double Flight VR is a dual-person 360°rotating VR game simulator, with its black and white sheet metal appearance, tech-blue lighting, dynamic actions, and effects, providing players with an immersive, stimulating, and enjoyable entertainment experience. Whether as a store attraction or personal entertainment device, it has become an indispensable choice.

The China Attractions Expo, as an important showcase and exchange platform for the global amusement equipment industry, not only builds bridges for cooperation between amusement equipment manufacturers and service providers during the exhibition but also provides visitors with an opportunity to engage with the latest technology.

The overwhelming popularity of FuninVR’s booth attracted a large number of spectators. Many merchants also placed orders on the spot to purchase the equipment. These instant orders not only demonstrate the appeal of Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality’s technology but also showcase the powerful influence of the China Attractions Expo as a platform for global tourism industry exchanges.