In a bustling mall in Mexico, several captivating VR arcade machines are quickly attracting a large number of tourists. These devices, including VR Warship, VR Racing Kart, and two VR Racing Motos, not only provide customers with unprecedented excitement and fun but also bring sustained foot traffic and business growth to the mall.

These VR rides are provided by FuninVR and have been strategically placed in prime locations within the mall, where foot traffic is high. Due to the allure of these devices, the mall’s foot traffic has significantly increased, with customers stopping by to experience the attractions, resulting in lucrative profits for the businesses.

In addition to the inherent appeal of the devices, FuninVR’s excellent after-sales service has left a deep impression on customers. They not only promptly resolve operational issues with the devices but also provide thoughtful technical support. The Mexican customer are highly satisfied with FuninVR’s devices and services, resulting in three repeat orders within just six months.

This VR experience store in the mall has become a popular attraction for customers of all ages, attracting various demographics. Young people are enthusiastic about the thrilling VR racing and motorcycle experiences, while families enjoy boarding the VR Warship together to experience exciting roller coaster scenes.

NameVR Warship
Rated Load600kg
Measured Power3.5kw
VR HelmetDeepoon E3
Product Size4035*3221*2046mm
Number of GamesVR 34 +8 Fun-coin games

These VR gaming machines have become windows for visitors to explore the virtual world and have brought unexpected profits to businesses. With the continuous development of VR technology, this type of entertainment facility is expected to become more popular and diverse, creating a richer shopping experience in malls.

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