With the continuous development of technology, virtual reality (VR) technology has gradually permeated into people’s lives, becoming a highly sought-after form of entertainment. Against this backdrop, opening a VR gaming store has become a highly anticipated business opportunity. A client from Cambodia has ordered a VR Warship from FuninVR.

This VR machine is very suitable for multi-point locations in malls. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that one device can accommodate up to 6 people playing simultaneously, resulting in a high occupancy rate. This multiplayer experience greatly enhances the fun and social aspect of the game, thus attracting a large number of visitors. Additionally, FuninVR constantly updates game content, maintaining freshness and diversity in the store’s gaming offerings, regularly introducing popular VR games and experiences to ensure that players have new enjoyment and challenges each time they visit.

Moreover, the investment cost of opening such a VR gaming store is relatively low. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, VR gaming stores do not require extensive decoration and manpower resources; they only need to purchase equipment, rent space, and do effective marketing. Furthermore, due to the uniqueness of VR technology, once customers are interested, they tend to become loyal repeat customers, providing the store with continuous income.

Of course, to successfully operate a VR park, apart from low investment costs, other factors need to be considered. Firstly, location selection is crucial, and multi-point locations in malls are an ideal choice because of their high foot traffic and broader target audience. Secondly, device selection is important, and VR Warship is a great choice, with good quality and performance ensuring customers have a great experience. Lastly, attention should be paid to store promotion and marketing, utilizing social media and other channels to attract more customers.

In summary, opening a VR arcade is an innovative and promising business model. With low investment costs and the continuously evolving VR technology, VR gaming stores have become popular new entertainment venues in malls, attracting customers as popular destinations. If you’re interested in the VR business, please feel free to contact FuninVR for more information.


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