A customer from Chile placed an order for a VR Cinema for the first time at FuninVR, placing it in the corridor on the ground floor of a mall. Business rapidly expanded and achieved satisfactory results. And the owner returned to FuninVR, this time adding two new VR game machines in another mall, including VR Racing Moto and 360°VR Simulator.

In VR entertainment, people can traverse time and space, explore unknown worlds, and experience unprecedented immersive gaming experiences. From enjoying thrilling racing games with friends to experiencing thrilling adventures in 360°panoramas, VR entertainment brings infinite possibilities and joys to people.

Honestly speaking, the ground floor of a mall is usually a place with high foot traffic, and placing VR amusement equipment there can attract more customers, increasing the utilization and profitability of the devices. The customer’s choice of commercial locations demonstrates their grasp of market trends and consumer demand, laying a solid foundation for future expansion and operation.

As a supplier focused on virtual reality simulators, FuninVR has maintained a good reputation for product quality and service. The Chilean customer’s choice not only reflects trust in FuninVR products but also recognition of its service and business model. Through the initial purchase of the VR Cinema device, the customer has had a preliminary experience with FuninVR, and subsequent purchases of new devices indicate ongoing trust and satisfaction with FuninVR.

In addition to the quality and performance of the products themselves, FuninVR has also excelled in pre-sales and after-sales service. For customers, purchasing products is not just a transaction but also the beginning of establishing a long-term partnership with the supplier. FuninVR can provide professional after-sales service and technical support, helping customers solve various problems encountered during use, which is also one of the important factors why customers choose to purchase again. Finally, if you are interested in the VR Business, please feel free to consult us at any time!


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