5D cinema museum, as the name suggests, the theater to experience, mainly the use of the new movie special effects system, to bring the audience a different viewing experience. So, 5D movie content for adventure, fantasy, science fiction, horror and other topics, the first multi-use perspective perspective, with a strong visual impact and interactive movie, to achieve an immersive feeling to the audience in a short time impressed.

First, for the first time viewing audience, the film lacks the 5D concept, customers will likely be asked to see the effect of good, see more videos, so the highest number of movie theaters, often recommended by several staff members, the majority of Videos are idle. Second, too much choice tends to increase the difficulty of movie fans, hesitant; once selected video quality is poor, it will directly affect the 5D cinema viewers overall impression, does not produce secondary consumer. The actual screening process based on customer needs, make recommendations and focus on film recommendation is necessary.

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