First, they are not the same medium air a is a hydraulic oil, so their carrying capacity is different, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure is generally less 1mpa 30mpa generally less, the effect is better than the hydraulic pressure, as high pressure also big driving force, let’s talk about their respective advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, but not easy to disassemble and move the installation is complete.
Aerodynamic advantage is easy to adjust the number of seats but also more convenient transportation, the same price is relatively low, the range of motion is relatively small, low power consumption, cost savings. The disadvantage is that the pump is noisy.

His advantage is that the hydraulic control than pneumatic control accuracy. Experience a sense of realism and excitement better. The effect is more obvious, is not prone to failure. Carrying capacity is relatively large.

So these two seats can be selected according to your requirements, after all, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Another fine point to say if they can be separated for the crowd, pneumatic can give the age of the child with a relatively small, while the hydraulic pressure can be used for adults, after all, pay attention to the 5D cinema experience.

Do You Know What is The Difference for Pneumatic 5D Theater Seats and Hydraulic 5d Cinema Seats?