First, the control system: you should know that every complex system, along with the accompanying control systems have, 5D cinema equipment is no exception. Its control system and the effects of central control system control box.

Second, the dynamic system: 5D dynamic film, the most important sign is 6-DOF dynamic simulation of dynamic systems, according to technology in different parts of this subsystem points, pneumatic power technology (commonly known as “Air”), hydraulic power technology (commonly known as “hydraulic “), the electric servo technology (commonly known as the” electric “).

Third, the imaging system: 5d dynamic movie images are 3D stereoscopic film, so as to achieve a good audience experience; 5d dynamic film currently popular is the use of projection technology, and are generally pre-projection technology.
Fourth, the sound system: 5d sound is very dynamic film for attention, good sound, but also allows the audience immersive experience.

Fifth, the effects system: the system is generally 5D movie special effects, or so-called 6D, 7D, 9D, etc. XD necessary for the movie, which was divided inside seat effects and environmental effects, not one by one cited.

5d Cinema Equipment