5d mobile advantage of the film. First, it is convenient. Train solve all the decoration, venue operators and other issues, save a lot of renovation costs and rental costs. Compared to the fixed operating theater more flexible, innovative, operators do not have to bear the high transfer fee and rent facade, 5d moving film is not limited by time, place, and can be opened in tourist attractions, parks, playgrounds, pedestrian street, street shops, shopping malls leisure areas, science museums, youth Palace, around schools, parking lots, KTV bars, bus stations, train stations and so on. That anyone can become high traffic areas premises, 5d mobile movies and when a local audience are tired of watching the whole can be drawn to another place. Neither the lack of new customers, and do not need to bear any costs.

5d cinema through the film claims to be “increased environmental and effects of the most avant-garde film, based on 3D and 4D, 5d mobile movie, also known as 5-dimensional movies. Audience watching, along with the plot of the movie content changes, moviegoers may be true feel the wind, rain, snow, lightning, smoke and other natural phenomena, 5D cinema seats and dynamic platform with jet, water, impact, fall, rise, leg sweep and other functions, like being in a real movie scenes, let viewers get visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and other full-body experience. compared with ordinary 3D and 4D cinema, 5d side of interactive mobile movie more weight on the senses of the audience.

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