5d Truck Mobile Theater Into Towed Vehicle and Vehicle-mounted two mobile cinema mode. Traction mobile cinema to rely on a car towing a mobile, small investment and quick. In fact, I did not feel any difference 5D movie car, in fact, a movie theater, ready to be moved to various places only, we watch movies more convenient. Technology is so advanced now, many businesses are for the sake of customers, such as proximity to Wonderland dynamic theater for us to provide more places to watch movies, you can see that we do not look good 4D/5D cinema films, increase our interest, but also so that we have more time, everywhere you can see the movie you want to see

1. Geographical distribution

5D cinema brings freshness, is the primary factor in attracting audiences, so the geographical distribution, to avoid market saturation, if the market has become saturated, it can be used the way mobile operators grasp the right place and people can better results.

2. Suitable venue

5d theater suitable vehicle, playgrounds, scenic spots, shopping malls, parks, pedestrian streets, commercial streets centers, cinemas, KTV room, game city, the water will, cafes and other leisure and entertainment shop self, ticket to watch, is the lifeblood of the flow of people-intensive zone , select.

3. local economic strength

5d car theater company said determining appropriate based on local economic conditions marketing strategies, such as first-tier cities, the fare can be slightly higher in the second and third tier cities, the fare would be lower, but the relative costs will be reduced, the operators also can be flexible mode of operation, in general, are to be based on local economic strength basis.

5d truck cinema