1. 5d Theater Equipment, once every six months to clean the contacts. Shortly metal is exposed to air, the surface will have oxidation. Even cable plug gold plated surface, due to the close contact with the plug body, as time goes by, you can still have a certain degree of oxidation, so we should be cleaned once every six months at most. As long as alcohol smear stained with cotton contacts on it. When not in use, use the machine dust cover or cap cloth cover to prevent dust from entering.

2. Do not open the amplifier speaker wire to pick up because the speaker terminals are generally very close distance, speaker wire is tightly two parallel, often accidentally shorted speaker cable wiring, the consequences will be swift burned amplifier.

3. Within half an hour just machines only put some soft music and listen to music at a moderate level, until the machine to warm up and then turn up the volume to enjoy.

4. To avoid machine Diego machines. 5d dynamic cinema should try to be the most important part of the independent CD player and speakerphone to place, because the place can lead to overlapping harmonic tremor affected machines. When a speaker playing music, air shock would follow home theater equipment vibration, so music obscure subtle message, and send the band interference, resulting in contamination of a sound. So the best home theater variety of devices to be placed on a firm independent of the rack.

5. 5d other household appliances and computers dynamic theater sound should avoid sharing a set of power, even if put together, they should get power from elsewhere. Moreover, let tangled wiring will make each other between lines absorb noise, destruction of sound quality. Therefore, both the home theater equipment or cable should be kept from interference with other electrical or power lines.

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