350 Seats 4dx Cinema, the difference with the traditional 3D theater is that, 3D cinema can only watch stereo images through 3D glasses, but the 4D cinema uses a dynamic seat, through the control system and motion system, can simulate the movement in the movie synchronization, such as forward and backward, left and right tilt, vibration and sweep leg, real-time synchronization feel the action of the movie, and then with special effects system, simulate wind,rain,thunder,lightning, snow and smoke, etc., so that the audience have the feeling of immersive.

350 Seats 4dx Cinema Specification

 Power 3.75KW
 Voltage 220V
 Power mode Electric system
 Movement 3 DOF
 Seat quantity 1-6 seats in group
 Chair effects Back poking and vibration
 Movie 150 pcs update 2 movies/month
 Special effects Rain, snow, bubble, lighting, wind,fog,smell,fire
 Warranty 12months for hardware,Life time service for software
 Delivery  7 days after receiving deposit
 Package  Bubble Pack+stretch films carton+wood frame

  Dynamic platform from FuninVR can accurately simulate forward, backward, left, right, fall, bumps, hair, water, sweep legs, poke back, shock stocks and other actions. When the following scenes appear in the movie, you will experience the corresponding effects. For example: the film plot when the car left or right turn, the seat will make the corresponding action; when the film plot falls from up to down, the chair will simulate a quick down. This series of movie plot dynamic seats can be simulated and fully synchronized!

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