With the new product, F1 racing simulator car, 360°car simulator, 720°flight simulator and our classical 7D cinema equipment, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Machinery company had took part in the CIAE exhibition which show various of game machines, amusement rides and entertainment equipment at March 28-30th 2015.

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This exhibition had attract lots of domestic and foreign people, look, so many people are playing in this exhibition. Woo, flight simulator, F1 racing car simulator, 5D 7D cinema, rocking bus, 3D art, wax art, etc, so many interesting and funny things.

caie 2015

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan located in Booth No.108, also attract lots of people, too many people are want to playing this machines, so they had to line up to waiting one by one. Look, especially this F1 racing simulator and this 720°flight simulator attract so many foreign customers, one guy stay here so long time, playing all of our machine, and driving the F1 and racing simulator car again and again, finally we know that he is a racing driver, he said this machine is very good, exciting and interesting, like real car, also can setting up the parameter. It’s wonderful.

360 car simulator 720°flight simulator

Besides, like this 720°flight simulator, only our company had show this in this exhibition, you can rolling in 720 degree, more exciting than flighting. You will love it.