Do you want to know more about the mysterious space?

Do you want to experience the splendid scenes in an immersive way ?

Have you ever tried watching a movie with top quality VR headset?

You really need to try this one.

Come and watch it, let the Interstellar amaze you!

We help realize your space dreams in this movie!

The massive universe is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered by us. Today, let’s follow Q to start a space journey. Are you ready? OK, let’s go!

The space ship piloted by Q starts the amazing journey from the earth. The ship keeps accelerating and it goes at full speed. Just in a blink, the ship penetrates the dense atmosphere of the earth and plunges itself into the boundless space. Fly with the max engine thrust, the ship flies past the moon, the mars, the Mercury and flies over the burning surface of the sun. From the porthole, you can catch a glimpse of many breathtaking scenes at a very close distance.

The spaceship can even bring you to the Rigel 863 light years away, or, even further, the orion 1500 light years away. By travelling with Q, you  will fully know the origin process of our sun.

But that is far from the end, Q will continue her journey and fly you to the deeper space!

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