A businessman’s success not only depends on whether he has gifts on it or not, it depends more on whether he can land himself in a good business and find himself a good product to sell. The businessman in this example comes from America, he can be regarded as a model businessman who has plunged him into a promising field and located a good product. At the very beginning, the customer conducted a market research and discovered that there was no large-sized 3D cinema or equipment in his local area. His business savvy told him that this market vacancy was a golden chance to do a business based on it. He was very decisive in taking actions, he then did a a lot of work to find a trustworthy equipment supplier. Lastly, he locked his eyes on Guangzhou Zhuoyuan and purchased a set of 16 seats 5D dynamic cinema. According to the customer’s requirements, Guangzhou Zhuoyuan customized his cinema in 5D film content and other configurations, so as to make it more suitable for his local market and compatible with local customers’ film-viewing habits.

What should be highlighted is that the American customer really put much efforts on setting up his own cinema. His ordered 16 seats 5D dynamic cinema is very large in size and very heavy in mass, but in order to fully prepare his cinema and put it in position before the arrival of the busy season, he skipped the sea transportation and took the air transportation. He must know clearly that time equals money for a businessman.

The customer gives us his feedback that his cinema does a very good business and 5D dynamic cinema is something novel in local. He tells us excitedly that in holidays customers line up to buy tickets to experience the 5D cinema, he is considering to have deeper cooperation with Guangzhou Zhuoyuan to develop more customized 5D film content and buy more fun equipment from the company.

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