FuninVR Great show in Asia VR&AR Fair May 10-12th ,2021
May 10-12th
2021 Asia VR&AR Fair Hall 4.2 G01
Too popular for those who come to experience/visit
Make the people wait in line
As long as there are 6 seats VR dark Mars, It must be the brightest star in the crowd
You can experience 6 Players at a time, gain *6 Players
Our Last session franchisee, Mr. Zhang
Relying on 6 seats VR dark Mars absorb up to RMB9,000 /day, 3 stores have been opened

VR Racing Motor + VR Racing Kart
Free drag racing with partners
When VR Racing Motor meets VR Racing Kart

Which one do you prefer?

Thrilling and eye-catching duo
VR 360 Degree simulator + VR Drop Tower

When flipping back and forth 360°, it will encounter an up and down distance of 1.5 meters
Guess which device caused the louder scream?

Until Now
FuninVR has successfully settled in nearly 100  in Wanda Plazas
Accumulatively more than 1,000 domestic commercial complexes
As well as more than 100 attractions/technological museums and other VR theme park/VR projects, thousands of people have been in close contact with VR

If you want to know more about the vr simulator . Please leave your  message, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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