6 Seats VR Dark Mars shines In Planetario Lunaria

The Planetario Lunaria interactive center of Jalisco (Lunaria) was built on an area of 2,000m²

Since its establishment in 2018, Lunaria has provided tourists with a journey of scientific learning and its applications in daily life. It’s a perfect match with our 6 Seats VR Dark Mars



What is VR?

As long as you wear VR glasses

Can travel through the future battlefield

Hand-held simulation weapons, you are the coolest in the audience!

There is too much fun, I’m afraid you won’t be able to play!

High effection product-6 Seats VR Dark Mars, experience 6 people at a time

There is a VR Dark Mars on the In Mexico Astronomical Museum. This VR Dark Mars has become the highlight of this Astronomical Museum. It is suitable for Kids, teenagers, and the elderly to experience. It is definitely a good place for family to learn and relax! The 6 Seats VR Dark Mars covers multiple themes, extreme sports, horror, and exciting. You can experience 6 people at a time, and it is also known as the “King of Pingxiao”! With it, you can relax and play on weekends!

Enjoy the star twin seat vr : classic egg chair, superb content

The classic egg chair is newly upgraded, equipped with more than a hundred wonderful contents, which will take you to drive you crazy, take you through and fly.

6 Seats VR Dark Mars shines In Planetario Lunaria

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