Recently, FuninVR welcomed a customer from Russia who showed great interest and satisfaction in our VR arcade game machines. This customer not only purchased 3 devices at once, but also highly praised the quality and gaming experience of the devices, establishing a good reputation for our products in the Russian market.

The three popular products that were purchased are the VR Magic UFO, VR Racing Moto and 360°Double Flight VR. Among them, the 360°Double Flight VR is a newly launched product by FuninVR, and it can rotate 360 degrees according to changes in the game scene, providing players with an exciting gaming experience.

As one of FuninVR’s flagship products, the VR Magic UFO and VR Racing Moto have always been popular by players. These two VR game simulators allow visitors to experience various exciting games and adventures, such as shooting games, racing games, horror adventures, space exploration, and more. By wearing VR headsets, visitors can interact with the virtual world and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. In shopping malls, these 3 devices have also been warmly welcomed, attracting the attention and experience of many visitors.

FuninVR has been committed to providing a rich variety of VR gaming experiences for customers worldwide. Our VR equipment have not only been well recognized in the domestic market, but also widely acknowledged and praised in the international market. Through the commendation of this Russian customer, we are confident in the future development in the international market, and will continue to strive to provide higher quality products and services to win the trust and support of more customers.

Low cost can also yield high returns. If you are considering opening a Virtual Reality gaming center, please feel free to contact us for consultation, and we will be dedicated to serving you!


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