A Russian client recently acquired four VR game simulators from FuninVR, featuring VR Racing Kart, VR Racing Moto, 360°VR Simulator, and VR Battleship. Strategically placed near the mall escalators, these devices have successfully captivated the attention of a significant number of pedestrians.

The stunning appearance of these VR arcade machines, combined with the immersive gaming experience they offer, caught the attention of many visitors, who couldn’t resist the temptation to try them out. Whether it’s the exhilarating motorcycle racing, thrilling kart racing, intense battleship encounters, or the 360°virtual reality simulation, these devices captivated the interest of the tourists.

Product Name360°VR Simulator
Product Size1866*1219*2041mm
Rated Load100kg
Number of GamesVR18
Measured Power1.5kw

These four state-of-the-art VR 9d simulators have brought significant benefits to both the mall and its visitors, such as a completely new interactive entertainment experience to the mall, and a special recreational venue for the vast number of visitors.

From a mall perspective, the introduction of these advanced VR products not only offers a fresh and exciting recreation option for visitors but also elevates the brand image and competitive edge of the mall. This creative addition infuses the mall with newfound vitality and allure, positioning it as a top-choice destination for leisure and entertainment.

From a visitor standpoint, the opportunity to experience virtual reality games provides unique immersive experiences, offering a much-needed respite from stress and a chance to unwind. Everyone can discover his/her own sources of joy and embrace exciting challenges within the dynamic world of virtual reality.

In this digital age, the applications of VR devices are becoming increasingly widespread. They play important roles in various fields including entertainment, education, medicine and more. It is hoped that VR technology will continue to grow and bring us more surprises in our daily lives. Lastly, if you are interested in VR entertainment, please feel free to consult FuninVR at any time to obtain more detailed information.


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