1, the value of rewards :
1) 7D theater where you can play both interactive movie , you can also play 3D/4D/5D traditional three-dimensional movies, chose to join the Phantom Star Cinema 7D , equivalent to choose a “four shop -in-one ” the 3D/4D/5D/7D movie business a shop ideally , greatly attracted tourists and ” suck money” super capacity .
2 ) after the market reaction , welcomed the audience and loved by the majority of tourists , investors, young viewers , and to bring in huge returns for investment managers to achieve a win-win audience of tourists , investment managers , corporate tripartite . Regardless of market analysis, or return on investment in reality investors have a clear validation , 7D cinema investment will be a new trend of future investment . If we say 5D Motion Theater 3D movies to bring new life , so that the majority of small investors have tasted the sweetness of the cinema market , then and now , 7D interactive entertainment theater majority of investors will bring a new round of market opportunities, glow greater vitality .

2, 7D distinguishes 5D cinema theater features:
Interactive duel , Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Mirage Star Cinema 7D is a new interactive entertainment interactive dynamic play video products . It will present the latest international popular multiplayer interactive 3D video technology with interactive technology, design a variety of different themes play equipment , play equipment for each topic , the topic of virtual simulation scenarios and television episodes , and with with special effects seats and environmental effects , as the story progresses, the audience in an intense duel with interactive tools through the hands of three-dimensional simulation screen enemies , they will bring viewers never had the excitement and happy, let the audience forget , and induce viewers to watch a repeat assessed by impulse and desire . And this extraordinary experience is not in the home and elsewhere , ordinary computer game that can be obtained , which is the core business value lies.
7D VOD is based on 4D, 5D theater on the increased interactivity of the film, because it is the only truly successful entertainment project should have four properties , Mirage Star 7D interactive theater equipment truly successful entertainment project should some four , namely enjoyment , adventure , risk taking and confrontational , a new generation of high-tech amusement equipment . Give the audience a strong sense of involvement with the game , making the theater more entertaining , more exciting, more HIGH earthshaking .

3, trend and fashion:
5D Motion Theater smooth upgrade 7D theater , currently flooding the market of low-end 4D/5D theater , homogeneous competition heating up , although the quality is uneven, but the passive viewing experience is identical . The new interactive entertainment 7D 5D cinema theater for the industry to bring new life , and therefore passive 5D cinema experience will eventually be replaced by a new 7D truly interactive theater, this is an irreversible trend , and the trend is currently available 4D5D movie upgrades the best projects , the audience for this new viewing experience keen interest .