First, estimates store operating expenses
Fixed costs – rent, staff salaries, fixed capital depreciation, interest, deposit interest and so on.
Liquidity costs – utilities, equipment, supplies, promotion expenses, all kinds of miscellaneous expenses.
Second, the financing for the shop
Capital allocation does – to ensure that the amount of funds can be scheduled
Low interest on funds
Ensure that there is spare capacity to raise working capital
Ensure that its own funds
Third, the preparatory shop Affairs
1 Market research – district investigation; competition shops surveys. You can learn more from the “5D theater of operations (a) pre-market survey”
2 equipment purchases – Choose the strength of the 5D cinema equipment manufacturers to ensure the quality and after-sales support.
3 site -. Siting is a key factor in the success of 5D cinema, see “5D theater of operations (b) location strategy.”
4 Business Plan – Store locations identified; estimated turnover and scale; investment budget.
5 interior decoration – shop interior decoration; shelf customized; All equipment and operating equipment, signs production.
6 goods and services – goods and services constituted; pricing, package set. Determine the focus of goods and services.
7 Sales Plan – Sales target marketing plan and budget.
8 advertising plan – before and after the opening of the advertising program; media selection.
9 shops regulatory and institutional elaboration – Performance Assessment Programme; reward system; service system; various contests system.
10 personnel appointments – Personnel appointments and staff recruitment and training.
11 General Affairs – statements;. Signs; staff uniforms; store music and other transactional work items and General supplies ready.
12 opening preparation – opening the way to develop; opening gifts ready; opened the way to determine the ad.
13. Official business.
Self-assessment – seasonal effects?
– Economic cycles?
– Excessive regulation (oversight / regulatory agencies are required to pay license fees, etc.???)
– Raw material supply (contacts dependence?)
– Expansion prospects (potential market share of new products to increase the presence of industry is expanding????)
– Profitability (expansion support?)
– Changes in the direction of the industry (population trends of changes in market leading products saturation effect of price changes on the market???)
– The technological revolution affecting the industry (whether to reduce costs to make your product instead of competing products to make your product obsolete???)
– Can exposure to foreign competition (? Than the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses?)
– Practitioners grounds (non-monetary factors do not like factor??)
– Industry into difficulty (the pros and cons of their own and competitors)
Fourth, rent
Rent or sublet shop directly over (sublease reasons)
Attention to the problem:
⑴ housing area is really the degree of difficulty, housing patterns are suitable 5D theater or post-renovation, and electrical connection are convenient, some 5D theater equipment requires 380 volts, concrete and manufacturers understand.
⑵ contract on all other costs other than rent payments indicate which party or jointly to pay what prorate
⑶ indicate specific ways to pay the rent and payment deadline
⑷ sign the transfer list various items lessor
⑸ specify the number of deposit
⑹ aborted due to natural disasters and irresistible indicate damage caused by factors such as the contract situation and the lessee shall not be responsible for
⑺ verify whether the lessor for the real homeowners
In addition, with the facade of the owners of idle or lease, or by post to the neighboring market research, to consider whether the store for operating 5D cinema, so costs can be greatly reduced. After all, the rent is the biggest cost 5D cinema (long to calculate)
Fifth, interview staff
Under normal circumstances, the normal operation of 5D cinema needs 2-3 clerk, of course, can be adjusted according to the size. The staff of the front desk ticketing and marketing, responsible for ticketing and explain product features with the guests and the guests contributed to the consumer; Secondly, even with service personnel in theater, is responsible for playing a video and guide guests to watch movies. In addition, if conditions allow, can increase logistics service personnel such as health, simple equipment to maintain these, of course, small-scale theater, it can be one of them said several roles. Staff playing a video to understand the basic requirements of computer operation.
You can find suitable staff 5D cinema operators in accordance with the above requirements.
Sixth, the administration
Trade and Industry; tax; Fire; etc..
Seven, shop design and decoration
⒈ 5D theater renovation standards
(1) Standard Reference Data
1 Machine size (L * W * H) = 1.8 m * 1.4 m * 1.54 m
2 house internal dimensions (L * W * H) = 6 m * 4 m * 3 m (can be adjusted according to actual situation, but the length of not less than five meters, in order to ensure the quality of video projection)
3-room shelves bearing material, it is recommended (indoor) as 5CM * 5CM hollow square iron pipe, oil looks black, about 2 mm thickness is recommended (not too thick), to carry the projector feature set of the total weight of about 15kg
4 houses lining (if cost reasons, you can as long as the outer layer), with 6mm plywood or more (can also be a high density), and placed well behind the projector, and the remaining walls, all posted black cotton
5 outer layer, it is necessary to meet binding on inkjet cloth or interior design, but must include the contents: light cube LOGO, company name, website address, the specific material we provide standard data or directly provide overall program
6 All wiring and data lines to walk, you can refer to the “standard line to walk map”, all the lines, use duct wrap, note that the data cable (video, audio) and power lines need to be separated, not with the same a trough.
(2) the need to prepare the site electricity and data lines
1. 380V, Ø5 phase four-wire power over electricity, power 7KW, and the need to install an electric power switch, and then access the machine (if it is a pneumatic seat program, you need access to pneumatic equipment)
2. 220V General Electric to supply computers, two projectors, other special effects equipment, power 1.5KW
3.8 m four core RGB15-pin video cable 2, two male connector is to connect the computer and projector
About 4.50 m audio cable to connect the amplifier and multiple speakers
5.10 m nine-pin data cable, connectors needed are a male and female, in order to link computers and chairs
6 other control lines, installed by the “shadow cube” technical personnel, to assist the client side
The above data for reference only, specific requirements and parameters fitting fieldwork be finalized later.
Eight, investment shops Analysis (ROI?)
⒈ whether to choose in commercial areas
⒉ whether to choose the right franchise store staff
⒊ Are there good planning and design shops
⒋ whether to select the appropriate sectors
⒌ whether to invest in specialized merchandise stores
Basically, 5D cinema opening preparation is not complicated, internal and external decoration 5D cinema has ready-made solutions or mature standard. As long as there sufficient start-up capital, has been careful market research, selected a gold shop favorite, until equipment installation is good, you can quickly opened
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