5D theater equipment very magical , by virtue of their function , giving non-general feeling in the basic parameters of this introduction 5D theater equipment.
5d theater equipment with a native resolution of 1280×720, and the projector can display HDTV 1080i signals , the physical pixel matrix projector is 1280 horizontal pixels and 720 vertical pixels. However, HDTV 1080i video signal contains 1920×1080 pixels , a lot more than the projector’s physical displays the number of pixels . Therefore, in order to display 1080i signal , the projector must be compressed into a 1280×720 format, which is a built-in projector signal conversion process to work, the 1080i resolution signal compression becomes 720p resolution .
5d theater equipment if the projector is capable of 1920×1080 maximum resolution compressed , then it ‘s maximum resolution is 1920×1080 . Solve the contradiction between image resolution and brightness , which uses external light source , also called passive projection. Usually the light valve consists of three parts: the photoelectric converter , a mirror , an optical modulator , which is a controllable switch. CRT is irradiated by a light signal output from the photoelectric converter to the optical signal into an electrical signal continuously changing ; external source produces a beam of light, projected onto the bare valve , the internal reflection from the mirror , through the light modulator can be because it has three RGB CRT tubes , mounted in parallel on the carriage , in order to achieve full convergence of the image , various image distortion can be corrected . Changes in the Machine’s location , but also re-adjust convergence , and therefore convergence requirements , one full-function , the second is quick and easy. Converging static convergence and dynamic convergence , in which the dynamic convergence inclined , arcuate , magnitude, linear , trapezoidal, pillow-shaped functions, each function can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical directions . In addition, also for non-linear equilibrium , trapezoidal balanced pincushion balance.

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