Film shooting in improving production technology , film screenings technology is also improved. From the original silent film , now go step by step , with 2D, 3D, 4D, 5d movie , once again sprint people’s vision. People desire to live , it is the desire to enjoy life. If there is a filled with high-tech and innovative theater , the investment is bound to pay a gorgeous , but after paying , the return is bound to be a gorgeous overwhelming wealth swept . 5D can achieve such a gorgeous big investment and wealth sweeping conversion . 5D cinema was born , has been a mystery movie into the realm , because after 4D, people really can not imagine how the movie will be a breakthrough . But the 5D eventually born, to achieve a comprehensive experience of all aspects of the senses . 5D movies successfully done , the biggest attraction is the 5d cinema audience to achieve a real-time interaction with the virtual screen roles . Decorative landscape unique , advanced computer software technology and three-dimensional graphics animation technology, so the screen no longer stick to the story in the role manipulation becomes more vivid , being in the audience with a sense of mission and accomplishments movie sense , the so-called people play the middle, surreal 5D movie is so amazing. Looked almost tumbled the 5D cinema , from countless entrepreneurs saw an opportunity . In fact , 5D unprecedented experience not only to the audience , while also commercially let entrepreneurs experience the flourishing business. Yes , 5D cinema quality and their ability to create the same effect , but never inflated prices . Similar 3D movie fare , frequently astounding , so that film lovers often prohibitive for this lost a lot of viewers. Today’s consumers are most concerned about is the cost should contain all the features of 4D cinema , the use of seat effects and environmental effects, surreal visual experience with a special , irritant effects synchronized performance to simulate scenarios with special authority set up to mimic the actual event , generating contrast, while lifelike three-dimensional picture , as the story changes , simulate a variety of special effects lightning, wind, frost, rain, snow, and other explosive impact , visual , auditory , smell, touch and movement perfect blend , then add the plot style interactive games , and take advantage of interactive props , allowing the audience to participate and threw himself into the story among the simulation unreal experience , thrilling adventure .