Cinema auditorium reverberation time requirements generally shorter, mainly because the movie recording, already has some reverb.

Volume in 3000 to 6000 cubic meters of cinemas, auditoriums full field frequency (500 ~ 1000hz) recommended desirable reverberation time (0.7 +0.1 s), the rest 500hz frequency reverberation time ratio should be as follows:
125hz 1.0 —- 1.3
250hz 1.0 —– 1.1
2000 ~ 4000hz 0.8 —— 1.0

Reverberation time frequency characteristics of the basic flat, allowing longer low frequency, high frequency shorter.
Stereo cinema shorter reverberation time requirements.

Cinema common sound-absorbing material

5d cinema equipment company, said sound absorbing material or structure used for a larger number of cinemas, attention should be chosen and arranged in the following areas:

1. is a good pan positioned near the main speakers wall, the top should be strong acoustic treatment;

2. In order to prevent the back wall echo generated, should be strong acoustic treatment;

3. seat sofa suitably large sound-absorbing cloth ottoman, chair can be perforated floor to increase the low-frequency sound absorption;
4. increase the sound-absorbing material may be uniformly arranged on the side walls and the ceiling.

Sound absorption characteristics of sound-absorbing material used

5d cinema equipment company, is currently produced and used in a lot of sound-absorbing material, their sound absorption principle – although the same, but the specific physical process of transformation because of the different types of materials – from the sound energy into heat energy and it is differ, reflecting the different types of materials having different sound absorption frequency characteristics. In interior design, the correct logical choice to create a good sound-absorbing material for indoor acoustic environment is very important. Here, depending on the characteristics of various common materials, sound-absorbing materials and absorbing structure will be introduced summarized into five categories.

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